1.1 Introduction

The new city development plan (2016 – 2022) provides an integrated, coherent spatial framework to ensure our city is developed in an inclusive way which improves the quality of life for its citizens, whilst also being a more attractive place to visit and work.

The recent 6-year long economic downturn, following 15 years of unprecedented growth up to 2008, has created particular challenges for the city and the country. Nevertheless, there are recent signs of recovery, particularly in certain economic sectors, with a more cautious return to the provision of much-needed housing. This new development plan creates a platform to facilitate and promote sustainable, longterm recovery for the benefit of the city, the region and the country.

The last two development plans resulted in considerable achievements for the city, some of which continued to be implemented despite the recession. With the aid of the strong economy up to 2008, new urban quarters were created in Heuston and the Docklands, extending the city core to the east and west. A new strategic development zone (SDZ) was designated for the Grand Canal Dock and North Lotts, which has the potential to provide employment for up to 20,000 people and 2,600 new homes. In a similar vein, an SDZ was designated at Grangegorman for the creation of a new third level educational and health campus, as part of the regeneration of the north inner city. The new national children’s hospital is proposed for the St James’s Hospital campus, which will in turn greatly enhance the rejuvenation of the south west of the inner city. Extensive new neighbourhoods are being created at Pelletstown,

Clongriffin–Belmayne, and Ballymun, with the support of an updated suite of local area plans.

On the public transportation front, the new Luas cross-city line is progressing, as are the premier cycle tracks, whilst plans to enhance the city centre public realm are advancing.

Whilst much has been delivered, it is also acknowledged that the legacy of the recession, particularly in the area of housing construction, may take time to turn around. In this regard, the development plan will progress the proposals of the governmentbacked housing task force to expedite the supply of the right housing in the right place. This development plan contains measures to improve the supply of housing over a wide range of groups and tenures without compromising quality.