6.2 Achievements

The national and city economy has returned to growth. Development has recommenced in the city, including schemes such as commercial developments, refurbished offices and new apartments.

The city continues to attract significant Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) and existing FDI firms continue to increase their workforces.

Growth has returned to the tourism sector with hotel occupancy rates improving significantly.

New visitor attractions, such as craft distillery and visitor centres, are being provided.

The café and restaurant sector and the wider food sector is thriving, adding to the attractiveness of the city.

The Local Government Reform Act 2014 provides a stronger and clearer role for local government in economic development, including responsibility for the Local Enterprise Office (LEO). The City Council must also prepare a Local Economic and Community Plan.

There is increasing recognition nationally of Dublin’s pivotal role in driving national growth and prosperity, that Dublin is competing directly with other cities internationally to attract FDI, tourists and international students, and of the need to enhance Dublin’s attractiveness as a location to do business in, and to live and work.