7.5 The Strategic Approach

The strategic approach to strengthening Dublin as a retail destination incorporates the specific policy recommendations for Dublin that arise from the RSGDA for the alignment of the retail and settlement hierarchy and for the provision of a vibrant, accessible and varied retail offering. This also reinforces the core strategy, specifically the requirement for sustainable neighbourhoods and the linkage between land use and transport options.

The approach is to: ­

  • Align the retail strategy to the settlement hierarchy of the core strategy in order to enhance and consolidate the inner city and to create mixed-use, lively and vibrant neighbourhoods throughout the city. 
  • Place sustainability as the over-arching consideration, with a particular emphasis on public transport accessibility, the primacy of the city centre and the vitality and viability of existing and emerging centres.


  • Provide choice and locally accessible shopping in a quality environment to cater for the regular needs of communities throughout the city.


  • Maintain the role of the city centre as the main retail centre for comparison goods in the country through continuing to develop the retail environment, the quality of the public realm, the range of retail uses and to facilitate complementary uses to retail.­
  • Expand and develop local character areas, reflecting the differences and individual needs of the main retail core areas of the city, focusing on facilitating the integration of the economic, cultural and spatial components of the city.


  • Actively promote and protect the range of specialist shops within the inner city, which contribute to the character and attractiveness of the city as a destination for shopping. 
  • Support the hierarchy of retail locations in relation to the suburban areas, and especially the development and expansion of the functions of key district centres.
  • Encourage the provision of accessible good quality convenience shopping with strong choice and competition within the inner city and in the rapidly growing areas in Docklands, Heuston, Ashtown/ Pelletstown and the Liberties, to ensure that adequate provision is made for city residents.