10.5.8 Sport, Recreation and Play

The development of sport and recreation are important in encouraging a sense of well-being and social contact. Dublin City Council acknowledges the very important role that sporting and social clubs play in enhancing the social and recreational life of the city’s communities.

Facilities for both formal and informal recreation and catering for persons at all stages in their lifecycle, all abilities and diverse cultures are required.

Dublin City Council will liaise with sporting organisations to ensure where possible that the City Council responds to the needs of sports clubs and communities in the provision of quality facilities.

In this regard, ‘Dublin City Sport and Active Recreation Strategy 2009 – 2016’ outlines how the Council can work with interested parties to deliver high-quality and sustainable sport and active recreation services. In relation to sports and recreation facilities, the policy aims to seek appropriate levels of provision for a variety of uses for all ages.

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10.5.8 objective of dcc
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