12.5.4 Schools and Educational Facilities


Dublin City Council will actively assist and liaise with the Department of Education and Skills (DES) in relation to the provision of schools with particular regard to forecasting demand and the timely identification of suitable sites and phasing arrangements. The potential for sharing of facilities either between schools, or with public open spaces and community facilities, will also be pursued with the DES. Dublin City Council will also have regard to the publication on the Provision of Schools and the Planning System, A Code of Practice for Planning Authorities, DES and DEHLG (2008).

An urban school typology which achieves an efficient use of scarce urban land, responds positively to the streetscape and contributes to the identity of a neighbourhood, will be actively promoted and especially so with regard to the restricted nature of many inner city school

sites. Innovative contemporary design solutions which may include roof top or terrace play decks and linkages to neighbourhood or pocket parks, with an emphasis on sustainable travel patterns for pupils and staff, will be encouraged to deliver exemplars of solutions to inner city school building design.

12.5.4 objective of dcc
12.5.4 policy of dcc