Herzog Park

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Area: Southeast


Herzog Park is a small local village park located at the rear of Orwell Road and Terenure Road East close to the centre of Rathgar Village.  The site which was formally a quarry occupying approximately 7 acres. The quarry began around 1800 yielding quartz and black limestone used in local building projects.

Dublin Corporation acquired approximately 5 acres of the site in 1954 on a long term lease. The park as we see it today was set out in 1985 by the Parks Department, Dublin Corporation and was then known as Orwell Quarry Park or more commonly as the ‘Park’.

It was renamed in 1995 in honour of Chaim Herzog, President of Israel,  which also coincided with the year of the tri-millennium of Jerusalem.

Herzog Park is also the home of Rathgar Tennis Club and has facilities including 10 all weather floodlit tennis courts, a  tennis wall and a clubhouse.

The park includes a small woodland, grassed areas, perimeter hedging, car parking and a bring/centre all within close proximity to schools and the village centre.

Design proposals are currently being prepared which will enhance the park and encourage greater use by the community of this local ‘gem’.

UPDATE on the Herzog Park Playground (23rd November 2017)

As promised local children from Rathgar  were  presented  with the  winning playground design, from Play & Leisure Services, for their observations and comments. In general  all the children regarded  the proposed play area  as being  ‘Really Kool’ and can’t wait for work to start !!.

Playground Update

Under the concept theme ‘Help Nature + Have Fun’ and in consultation with over 70 school children and their teachers from three local schools, a discussion took place to look at the design of a new playground in Herzog Park, Rathgar.
A presentation of the outcomes of the consultation workshops was presented on the 15th June at Rathgar Tennis Club to the students and teachers.

Details of the consultation process and proposed concept designs which will form part of the design brief for the new playground can be viewed by clicking here.

The new playground will be tendered over the summer months with construction anticipated to start in autumn 2017.
Please feel free to comment on the proposals by e-mail: parks@dublincity.ie

Maintenance Works in Herzog Park

Following the thinning of the vegetation and the removal of rubbish from the woodland area before Christmas it is proposed to undertake maintenance work on the park perimeter hedge.

This will involve:

  • The lowering of the hedge to  the top of the concrete post and wire fence along the park perimeter facing the  car park
  • Removing the palisade fence which is not in keeping with a  local neighbourhood  park
  • Undertake infill hedge planting to strengthen the existing hedge
  • Reduce the height of the  hedge  along the  driveway to Rathgar Tennis Club

It is considered that these measures will improve  passive surveillance in an around the park and also enhance the park boundary.

If you have any queries please contact Parks Services at e-mail parks@dublincity.ie  Tel: 01-2225278

Herzog Park Landscape Masterplan:

Presentation made at the Public Meeting and Workshop held in May 2015. To view the presentation please click here.

Resulting from the public meeting  of May 2015 to discuss proposals for upgrading Herzog Park a Draft Landscape Masterplan is now available for public comment and discussion. To view the masterplan please click here.

If you wish to comment on the proposal you may e-mail parks@dublincity.ie, on or before Friday 8th April.

After the consultation period a final Landscape Masterplan will be undertaken and be available for circulation to stakeholders by summer 2016.