Older Persons Unit

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Our mission

It is the mission of the Older Persons Unit of Dublin City Council to promote and encourage the concept of independent living and to create an integrated approach to housing the older members of our society, in appropriate accommodation where they can share facilities with the local community. We have over 100 independent living communities in Dublin City with over 3,200 units.
As people get older they can feel vulnerable and need more active support. Residents in our Sheltered Housing schemes live independently in a safe environment, knowing that our staff are there to assist when needed.
We achieve this by:

  • Treating all tenants with the utmost courtesy at all times
  • Providing each tenant with a monitored Care-Call response service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, linked to the Emergency Services
  • Maintaining a visitation service, which ensures regular contact with each tenant and provides reassurance
  • Providing information on the local services available
  • Making arrangements for tenants to contact and avail of essential services
  • Encouraging each tenant to participate in the local community activities

Services Provided by the Older Persons Unit

  • Liaison Officer Service
  • 24 hour monitored Care-Call response system linked to emergency services for call outs
  • Grants for the complex for community activities, subject to certain criteria
  • Laundry facilities (communal facilities or in tenants’ homes) In addition in some complexes we provide: Kitchen facilities for the cooking of meals
  • Distribution of meals
  • Office accommodation for appropriate voluntary services
  • Accommodation

Liaison Officer Service

In order to provide the support necessary for older people to live independently we have a team of Liaison Officers who assist by:

  • Visiting all tenants on a weekly basis to see that they are still fit and well and capable of living independently
  • Making contact with next of kin and Dublin City Council Housing Officer if appropriate and liaise with local health care workers and other relevant services
  • Checking on a regular basis that the Care-Call response system is working and that our tenants are familiar with the system
  • Keeping tenant information sheets up to date
  • Giving tenants information about local services and facilities to help them integrate into the local community
  • Encouraging and facilitating Community Development activities within complexes
  • Reporting where necessary any unsocial or anti-social behaviour to Dublin City Council Older Persons Unit, Housing Welfare Section and / or Estate Management
  • Processing maintenance complaints and following them up
  • Liaising with other Dublin City Council officials as necessary
  • Providing a helping hand for day-care facilities

Contact numbers for Liaison Services in Ballymun

  • Sandyhill Gardens, Coultry Gardens, Burren Court, Ard na Meala T. 804 0263

For more information

For more information on Allocations, Housing Transfers, Financial Contributions or the Surrendering of Larger Accommodation, please contact: Tel (01) 222 5697