5.5.5 Good Property Management

Good property management arrangements are needed to secure the satisfactory upkeep and maintenance of communal areas and facilities. Existing Dublin City Council taking-in-charge standards for water, drainage, roads and open space infrastructure will reflect development plan development standards in order that all developments permitted can be completed to a satisfactory standard to be taken-incharge.

The Census 2011 indicates that 32% of households in Dublin city are now renting privately compared to 20% nationally. A key challenge is the shortage of supply of rental accommodation compared to demand, which is causing price inflation. The City Council seeks to foster a strong, sustainable, professional and well-regulated private rented sector and in this regard supports the provision of purpose-built, managed, high-quality, private rented accommodation with a long-term horizon.

5.5.5 objective of dcc
5.5.5 policy of dcc