5.5.2 Sustainable Residential Areas

The Department of Housing, Planning, Community and Local Government Planning Policy Statement 2015 encourages planning authorities to engage in active land management by leading and managing the development process and ensuring that land zoned for development actually comes into use in accordance with development plan policy and in tandem with supporting infrastructure.

Building at higher densities makes more efficient use of land and energy resources, creating a consolidated urban form which fosters the development of compact neighbourhoods and a critical mass which contributes to the viability of economic, social, and transport infrastructure.

Varied housing typologies will be sought within neighbourhoods in order to encourage a diverse choice of housing options in terms of tenure, unit size, and building design in residential communities. 

Some large residential schemes will be developed over a substantial period of time. In such cases, an agreed phasing programme will be required to ensure that important physical, social and community infrastructure is delivered in tandem with the residential development.

Dublin City Council will ensure that such development is phased in line with the availability of essential infrastructure such as transport, schools, childcare facilities, health facilities and recreational facilities

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