4.5.7 Pedestrian Wayfinding System

Clear directional signs are an essential element in helping people to locate the many attractions of the city along the most appropriate route in a safe and efficient manner.

Dublin City Council has implemented a pedestrian wayfinding system, which has been designed to help the pedestrian to move around the city and to find destinations easily. The emphasis of the system is on key cultural, civic and religious places of interest, rather than commercial services.

The system comprises two complementary elements. The first element is map panels which contain ‘heads up’ maps which are cropped from a master map. The second element is the network of finger panels mounted on stainless steel poles. This comprehensive network of directional signage significantly enhances legibility in the urban environment, and in particular improves the visitor experience of the city.

4.5.7 objective of dcc
4.5.7 policy of dcc