3.3 Parks Volunteer Programme

A parks volunteer programme is proposed to be established. The key components of the programme will include:


  • Establishing a parks and volunteer coordination section
  • Development of an individual volunteer programme
  • Development of a corporate volunteer programme

The volunteer programme will not be established to undertake normal parks services, but for volunteers to take part in specific activities that gives them an opportunity to contribute to their local community and environment, and enjoy the social and educational benefits of volunteering.

Examples of possible volunteering activities include giving guided tours of parks within the city, establishing a photographic archive of city parks, helping with key events, such as the annual Rose Festival in St Anne’s Park, Culture Night, Open House events or National Tree Week.

Corporate volunteer examples include working in specific areas around conservation and biodiversity, such as on Bull Island, thereby giving participants a unique opportunity to learn about natural heritage in Dublin City



  • To support and promote volunteering to realise public goodwill and enhance engagement with the community in their local environment


  • To study the feasibility of establishing a Dublin Parks Volunteer Programme