Like other old European cities, Dublin’s development has in part been organic and in part planned. Fortunately for us it has included the creation of fine public parks and spaces both urban and natural that are highly valued. This city landscape reflects our heritage and our hopes for the future sustainability of Dublin.

The vision of this strategy ‘Growing towards a greener and more liveable Dublin City’ reflects the desire to see Dublin’s growth and development positively linked to the wellbeing of its population by using nature based solutions and providing opportunities for recreation.

While our city is experiencing continued demand for economic growth and development, our parks and natural areas provide space for people removed from the countryside to come in contact with nature. In doing so they make a significant contribution to creating a sense of place for local communities and they provide the space for rest, relaxation, recreation and cultural activities.

A liveable city is also one that provides space for wildlife. Our policies must support a full diversity of species by conserving, creating and managing habitats for them. Recent measures such as the designation by UNESCO of Dublin Bay as a Biosphere Reserve and our action plan for the management of alien invasive species positively support this objective.

In consideration of this vision, this document reviews the range of services and resources now managed by the Parks & Landscape Services of the City Council and in so doing sets out its strategic direction, policies and actions to 2022.

Consultation with the public and elected representatives has been an important part of developing the strategy, as the resources and services provided are for the communities that make up the city. We will continue to promote the responsible use of our parks, public spaces and natural areas and we will continue the positive engagement with communities in the provision of our services.

As Ireland’s capital city and as an international city we desire the highest standard of quality in the presentation of the city landscape. This desire is expressed in this strategy and the ambitious programme of the City Council’s Parks team over the next four years.


Owen P. Keegan

Chief Executive


Paul McAuliffe

Lord Mayor of Dublin