Water Supply Project Eastern and Midlands Region

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In January 2014, Irish Water assumed statutory responsibility for the provision of public water services from 34 local authorities. This included the transfer of responsibility for the Water Supply Project Eastern and Midlands Region (WSP) from Dublin City Council who have managed the project on behalf of the Department of Environment, Community and Local Government since 2004. The project is now known as the Water Supply Project Eastern and Midlands Region, and it is currently in the project planning stage.

What is happening now?

Public consultation on the ‘Project Need Report’ was undertaken between 10th March and 5th May 2015, marking the first in a series of public consultations which will be undertaken during the WSP planning process over the 2015-2017 period. The 8 week consultation process on the Need is now complete, and feedback from this consultation can be found here (www.watersupplyproject.ie).

Irish Water has now published the Options Working Paper which confirms four technically viable options as appropriate for further consideration in the formal planning process. These options are:

  • Desalination (Irish Sea)
  • Lough Derg (Direct)
  • Lough Derg (With storage)
  • Parteen Basin (Direct)

All of these options are being considered on an equal footing and no decision has been made to date. Irish Water are now consulting on how they propose to identify an ‘Emerging Preferred Option’ from the four confirmed options above.

In order to begin the process of identifying an ‘Emerging Preferred Option’, Irish Water has identified a range of ‘Constraints’ that need to be considered and also ‘Assessment Criteria’ which will enable decisions to be made for narrowing down options in the next phase of the project.

Irish Water is now undertaking an 8 week public consultation process where you can have your say. This consultation will conclude on 4th August 2015. The Options Working Paper is available to view in County Libraries and at Planning Counters within the project study area and can be downloaded from www.watersupplyproject.ie.

If you require any further information:
Please visit www.watersupplyproject.ie
Email: watersupply@water.ie
Telephone: 1890 252 848.