Development Plan 2022 - 2028 Stage 3

Dublin City Council is preparing a new Dublin City Development Plan. This dedicated website is to keep you informed and assist you in engaging with the process. The Draft Dublin City Development Plan 2022-2028 sets out policies and objectives to guide how and where development will take place in the city over the lifetime of the Plan. It provides an integrated, coherent spatial framework to ensure the city is developed in an inclusive way which improves the quality of life for citizens, whilst also being a more attractive place to visit and work.


When the consultation period ends, the Chief Executive will prepare a report on all submissions and observations received and submit the report to the Elected Members by 29th September for their consideration. Having considered the proposed material alterations to the Draft Plan and the Chief Executive’s Report on submissions received, the Elected Members will make the Dublin City Development Plan 2022-2028 with or without amendment, at the end of October (date to be confirmed).

Minutes of Special Council Meeting 1st & 2nd Nov 2022
Chief Executive's report 262 on Motions
Chief Executive's report 261 on public submissions
Volume 3 - Zoning Maps
Volume 5 - SEA Report
Volume 5 - SEA Non Technical Summary
Volume 6 - Natura Impact Report
Volume 7 - Strategic Flood Risk Assessment
S.2179 - Determination for the need for Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA)
S.2180 - Determination for the need for Appropriate Assessment (AA)
Executive summary
Development Plan Mapset A
Development Plan Mapset B
Development Plan Mapset C
Development Plan Mapset D
Development Plan Mapset E
Development Plan Mapset F
Development Plan Mapset G
Development Plan Mapset H
Development Plan Mapset J
Development Plan Mapset K
Development Plan Mapset L
Volume 4 RPS Part one – Introduction
Volume 4 RPS Part two – Records of Protected Structures
Addition Reports
Clarification Reports
Deletion Reports
Volume 5 - SEA Non Technical Summary
Cultural Infrastructure Study
DCC - Green & Blue Roof Guide (2021)
DCC - SuDS D&E Guide (2021)

Stage 1 - The Pre Draft Stage - is now complete

Stage 2 - The Draft Development Plan (Written Statement, including Appendices and Updated RPS), Environmental Report, Appropriate Assessment, Strategic Flood Risk Assessment and Maps.

Stage 3 of the development plan making process relates to the proposed material alterations to the Draft Dublin City Development Plan 2022-2028.  The proposed material alterations originated from consideration of the submissions received during the public consultation on the display of the draft plan from 29th November to the 14th February 2022.

We are inviting people to get involved and give us their views on the proposed material alterations which have now been published and are available online.  Public consultation for this stage commenced on the 27th July and will conclude at 4.30pm on the 1st September 2022.

Online via the Consultation Portal

To make a submission on this portal register for a free account and click on the activation email that will be sent to your email. You will then be logged in and can make a submission.


By post

Development Plan Team,

Planning and Property Development Department,

Dublin City Council,

Wood Quay, Dublin 8

Please make your submission by one medium only i.e. online or by post. The final date for receipt of submissions is 4.30pm on the 1st September 2022. Late submissions will not be considered.

Important Note Regarding Submissions:

All submissions, whether made online or by post, must include the full name and address of the person making the submission.

All submissions will be published online within 10 working days of receipt in accordance with the requirements of the Planning and Development Act, 2000 (as amended). Your address will not be published.