Derelict Site Register

The Derelict Sites Act 1990 defines a derelict site as any land that detracts, or is likely to detract, to a material degree from the amenity, character or appearance of land in the neighbourhood of the land in question because of

  • Structures which are in a ruinous, derelict or dangerous condition, or
  • The neglected, unsightly or objectionable condition of the land or of structures on it, or
  • The presence, deposit or collection of litter, rubbish, debris or waste

Report a derelict site

To report a derelict site, please contact us - details below.

We will then carry out an inspection of the site to determine if it is qualifies to be entered on the Derelict Sites Register or what improvement measures need to be undertaken..

If you are concerned that a structure is or is likely to become dangerous you can contact the Dangerous Buildings Section here

Derelict Sites Register

The Council maintains a Derelict Sites Register in accordance with the Derelict Sites Act 1990 which is kept in the Derelict Sites Section, Block 4, Floor 2, Civic Offices, Wood Quay, D8. The information entered on the Register is as prescribed in S.(8) of the Act and includes the name and address of each derelict site owner & occupier, actions taken by the Council and the market value of the site.

The information available on the website is just a listing of the sites that are currently on the Derelict Sites Register. In accordance with the Act  the Derelict Sites Register can be viewed in the Derelict Sites Section between the hours of 9am – 5pm (Monday to Friday). You can contact us by email  at  [email protected]  or call us  at 01-222 2143 to make an appointment.

    Derelict Sites Register - March 2023

    What happens if your site is added to the Derelict Sites Register

    Sites entered on the Register are subject to an annual derelict sites levy of 7% of market value which will continue to apply until the site is rendered non-derelict. Unpaid levies also attract interest of 1.5% per month. Outstanding levies automatically become a charge on the land and will remain a charge until the full amount is paid. The Council registers charges in Land Registry / the Registry of Deeds so if and when a derelict site with a charge is subject to a sale, purchasers will require vendors to have the charge removed as part of the conveyance process.

    All sites entered on the Derelict Sites Register can be considered for acquisition.  The implementation of an ongoing acquisition strategy since 2017 is a key part of the Council’s Active Land Management Initiative which aims to eradicate underutilised lands and buildings in the city. The Council will only acquire compulsorily as a last resort in circumstances where all efforts to secure the carrying out of improvement works by property owners have been exhausted. Forty two derelict sites have been acquired  since 2017, (thirty six by compulsory acquisition and six by agreement). Forty one of the acquired derelict sites were retained by the Council under the control of the Housing & Community Services to be used for social housing purposes. Many of the properties have been completely refurbished and rendered non-derelict and are now occupied, or are currently undergoing refurbishment.

    pleasants street 48 - map
    162 - 165 James's Street Notice and Map
    Shannon terr opp 1-2 adj 5 auburn terr - map
    mountpleasant avenue lower 25 - map
    Clonliffe Road, 57, Ballybough, Dublin 3.
    Cadogan Road, 18, Fairview, Dublin 3.
    2 Ranelagh, Dublin 6
    19 Mallin Avenue D8
    68b St. Brendan's Park, D5
    1 Mulberry Cottages D20
    2 Mulberry Cottages D20
    5 Mulberry Cottages D20
    6 Mulberry Cottages D20
    7 Mulberry Cottages D20
    10 Mulberry Cottages D20
    11 Mulberry Cottages D 20
    6 Terrace Place D1
    7 and 8 Terrace Place D1
    11 Annamoe Tce_D7
    Ranelagh, 2, Dublin 6 (Ds.871A)
    68B St. Brendan’s Park, Coolock, Dublin 5 - Map
    South Circular Road, 355-361 - entry on reg map - jan 6 2021
    43 Dolphin’s Barn Street, Dublin 8
    44 Dolphin’s Barn Street, Dublin 8
    45 Dolphin’s Barn Street, Dublin 8
    46 Dolphin’s Barn Street, Dublin 8
    47 Dolphin’s Barn Street, Dublin 8
    48 Dolphin’s Barn Street, Dublin 8
    49 Dolphin’s Barn Street, Dublin 8
    50 Dolphin’s Barn Street, Dublin 8

    Vesting Orders

    68b St. Brendan's Park, D5
    S_VO_map_ 11 Annamoe Terrace
    S_VO_11 Annamoe Terrace
    S_VO_map_ 7_8 Terrace Place
    S_VO_7_8 Terrace Place
    S_VO_map_ 6 Terrace Place
    S_VO_6 Terrace Place
    Vesting Order _ 2 Mulberry cottages
    Vesting Order _1 Mulberry cottages
    Vesting Order _ 5 Mulberry Cottages
    Vesting Order _ 6 Mulberry Cottages
    Vesting Order _ 7 Mulberry cottages
    Vesting Order _ 10 Mulberry Cottages
    Vesting Order _ 11 Mulberry Cottages
    VO Map_ 1 Mulberry Cottages
    VO Map_ 2 Mulberry Cottages
    VO Map_ 5 Mulberry Cottages
    VO Map_ 6 Mulberry Cottages
    VO Map_ 7 Mulberry Cottages
    VO Map_ 10 Mulberry Cottages
    VO Map_ 11 Mulberry Cottages
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