15.16 - Sustainable Movement and Transport

Sustainable and efficient movement of people and goods is crucial for the success and vitality of the city. The Plan seeks to promote ease of movement within and around the city as well as playing a key role in safeguarding the environment and adapting to the impacts of climate change. This policy approach promotes the integration of land use and transportation, improved public transport and active travel infrastructure, an increased shift towards sustainable modes of travel and an increased focus on public realm and healthy place-making. This Plan also looks to the future of mobility in the city including the increasing role of shared mobility schemes, micro mobility options, electric vehicles and the application of technology in the mobility sector.

Within this framework, a number of development standards are set out which are applicable to all developments. Details of these standards are set out in Appendix 5 in relation to:

  • Access and Design Standards;
  • Traffic and Transport Assessments;
  • Mobility Management and Travel Planning;
  • Service Delivery and Access Strategy;
  • Design and Construction Standards and Processes for Roads and Footpaths;
  • Cycle and Car Parking Standards and Management.