Shipments from Ireland to Non-OECD Countries

Eolas ar Lastais Dramhaíola go dtí Tíortha Neamh-ECFE

Under Article 37 of the new Waste Shipping Regulations 1013/2006 a questionnaire was sent to all countries in which the OECD Decision does not apply seeking confirmation of the procedure of export to these countries. Each country's response can be found by clicking on the website link below. (Please note that this is an information-only website which is intended to ensure compliance with the legislation and wishes of the country of destination.):

The following document contains the answers to some FAQs concerning shipments to Non-OECD countries.

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Shipments of Green List Waste to Non-OECD Countries

The regulations and amendments governing the shipments of Green List waste to non-OECD countries issued on the 26th November 2007 (EC No. 1418/2007) are available below:

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