Guide for Shipments of Used Vehicles, Vehicle Parts and Waste Electrical Equipment

Tá an cháipéis treorach seo in ainm is cúnamh a sholáthar dóibh siúd a eagraíonn lastais feithiclí athláimhe, chodanna feithicle, bhonn, trealaimh leictrigh agus leictreonaigh, earraí pearsanta, innealra agus earraí eile ar féidir úsáid a bhaint astu go fóill.

It aims to clarify and simplify the information contained within the European Union Member States Correspondents' Guidelines No. 9 and the Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment Regulations 2014 (S.I.149 of 2014).

When used goods are shipped into or out of Ireland for the purpose of re-use, an exporter must be satisfied that the used goods are fit for direct re-use and/or for the same purpose for which the goods were originally designed. It is the responsibility of those parties organising shipments for re-use to ensure that the items being shipped are not waste.

Guide for Shipments of Used Vehicles, Vehicle Parts and Electrical Equipment
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