Regulations on the Shipment of Hazardous Waste within Ireland

Dramhaíl é dramhaíl ghuaiseach atá baolach nó a d’fhéadfadh díobháil a dhéanamh don tsláinte nó don chomhshaol.

For this reason it is important to manage all hazardous waste safely and to create a traceable record of all hazardous waste movements.

The European Communities (Shipments of Hazardous Waste exclusively within Ireland) Regulations 2011 were introduced on 1st July 2011 to streamline the administration of legislation on the movement or shipments of hazardous waste exclusively within Ireland.

Dublin City Council has set up a tracking system using Waste Transfer Forms (WTFs) as part of the online Waste Regulation Management System (WRMS). Use of this system by those managing hazardous waste movements is compulsory.

To use it you are required to (i) register online to create an account, (ii) purchase a WTF at a charge of €6 per form, (iii) complete the WTF online and (iv) download the WTF. The WTF must be signed and accompany the waste while in transit. The receiving facility must login to the online system to validate acceptance of the load.

Information on how to register as a user of the system and instructions on how to purchase Waste Transfer Forms is available in the documents below.

FAQs - Waste Transfer Forms
Instructions for WTF Facilities Consignees
Instructions for WTF Notifiers
WTF Monitoring Fee
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