5.5.8 Demolition and Re-use of Housing

The demolition of existing housing is generally discouraged on sustainability grounds and it may lead to a loss of residential accommodation and streetscape character.

Providing residential accommodation on upper floors is encouraged, particularly in central commercial areas as it will contribute to the creation of vibrant mixeduse areas within a compact urban core. Historic residential parts of the city such as the Georgian core would benefit from the re-introduction of more residential uses to improve the mix of uses and the vibrancy of the city centre.

The Living City Initiative is an urban regeneration incentive focusing on the historic centres of several cities, including Dublin, through the use of property tax reliefs which apply to buildings constructed before 1915 in ‘special regeneration areas’. It is envisaged that the Living City Initiative, together with complementary development plan provisions allowing for the relaxation of residential development standards for refurbishment projects, will increase the supply of housing in the historic centre of Dublin.

5.5.8 policy of dcc