6.5.3 Tourism/Visitors

Tourism, including business tourism and the attraction of international conferences and events, is one of the key economic pillars for the city.

Ambitious tourist targets for Dublin to double the number of visitors by 2020 are set out in a recent report: ‘Destination Dublin – A Collective Strategy for Growth to 2020’, Grow Dublin Taskforce. Dublin City Council now has an enhanced function in promoting tourism along with Fáilte Ireland, Tourism Ireland and the private sector.

It is important to continue to develop our tourism infrastructure such as visitor accommodation of various types, providing new visitor attractions and a range of cafés and restaurants, as well as facilities for children, including playgrounds in tourist areas.

Many of our key visitor attractions such as Guinness Storehouse, the National Museum at Collins Barracks and Jameson Distillery at Smithfield are in regeneration areas with poor quality public domain and vacant or dilapidated properties. Investment in the Trinity College to Kilmainham Gaol tourist route is addressing these challenges (the ‘Dubline’ project).

There are no statutory limits to the number of concerts that can be held in any location although there may be local agreements between event organisers and local residents such as the one between Croke Park and local residents.

6.5.3 policy of dcc
6.5.3 policy of dcc2