6.5.6 Employment, Enterprise and Economic Development Districts

The central business district, and more recently Docklands, are established key economic districts in the city. However, a recent trend is that in other cities, international business activities are locating into previously neglected fringe areas.

A rapidly growing digital economy in recent years has moved these new districts towards centre stage in the modern city economy; companies are moving into these areas to bring the workplace closer to where their younger staff live and socialise. This trend offers great opportunities for Dublin and for the revitalisation of regeneration areas such as the Liberties and the O’Connell Street to Heuston LUAS corridor.

Clusters generate key economic benefits in terms of innovation, synergy and productivity. The clustering benefits of the city centre are limited by the lack of physical integration arising from significant areas of vacant/under-utilised land as well as a lack of easy connectivity in some cases.

6.5.6 policy of dcc
6.5.6 policy of dcc2