Smart Dublin Framework

​Smart Dublin Framework​

Smart Dublin Framework A Smart City is a socially inclusive city. Smart city technologies/technology innovation can help address many of the priority challenges that Dublin faces by delivering more responsive and efficient city services. The City Council’s ‘Smart Dublin’ initiative sets out the following ambition:

‘To improve the liveability and attractiveness of Dublin as a city to live in, work in, invest in and visit by utilising technology in partnership with other agencies and citizens in order to address city challenges, to drive innovation and to improve service delivery.’

The City Council is currently bringing together all of its Smart City work through the establishment of a centrally coordinated function. The Smart Dublin framework will allow for greater flexibility for the city to work with universities, entrepreneurs and companies to coinnovate, test and deploy new urban solutions.

Dublin is positioning itself as a leading city to test and deploy new technologies which, in turn, open up opportunities for people/ companies to invent new things and to test and sell them into an international marketplace.

The Smart Dublin framework will enable the City Council seeks to build partnerships that demonstrate innovative solutions in the areas of transportation, environment, management of extreme weather events and energy efficiency. It is the view of the City Council that advances in technology innovation can help the city deliver more responsive and efficient city services while at the same time support local economic development goals. objective of dcc policy of dcc