9.5.13 Energy Facilities

The development of a secure and reliable energy network is recognised as an important element for not only supporting economic development but also to provide for the needs of every sectoral interest in the city.

Dublin City Council will support a wide range of energy supply solutions to meet future demand, with particular emphasis on renewable energy sources and those which are less carbon intensive.

Dublin City Council is cognisant of the future requirements of the service providers in relation to enhancing and upgrading existing facilities or networks for all users, both domestic, FDI, commercial or industrial.

Where possible, Dublin City Council will support the statutory providers of national grid infrastructure by safeguarding strategic corridors where identified from other developments which might inhibit the provision of energy supply networks.

Dublin City Council will be open to the future requirements of the major service providers including Bord Gáis, Eirgrid and the ESB, where it is proposed to enhance or upgrade existing facilities or networks, or provide new infrastructure in order to extend or strengthen energy supply to meet demand and meet climate reduction targets.