4.12.1 Distribution of Allotments

Map showing Distribution of Allotment Gardens

Parks Services and Housing and Residential Services provide and let allotments to the general public across Dublin. This provision typically includes the provision of paths, raised planting beds, fencing enclosure and a water supply.

Currently letting of allotments is made when a new allotment scheme is developed. Successful applicants are given an 11 month letting, which can be renewed subject to letting fees being paid and meeting the conditions of the letting agreement. Typically, applications exceed the availability of allotments.

It is proposed that the coordination and management of allotments in the city is strengthened to provide a better service and meet the ongoing demand and would involve:

  • Managing the existing allotment lettings and coordinating activities for allotment holders, such as horticultural training events, allotment awards etc.
  • Coordinating applications and waiting lists using online applications for all city allotments
  • Identifying locations city-wide for new allotment sites and assessing demand for their implementation.


  • To make provision of allotments for the benefit of local communities subject to existing or anticipated demand for such facilities and to enhance the coordination and management of allotments on a city-wide basis.
Photo showing Grattan Crescent Allotment