Dodder–Dropping Well

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An aerial image of Dodder/Milltown Road

Address: Southside
Phone: 01-6684364
Area: Southeast
Category: Linear Parks and River Valleys
Enquiries: (01) 222 5278


  • Riverside Walking
  • Wildlife

The Dodder was one of the major industrial rivers of Ireland for many years and is still dotted with many relic millstreams, weirs, sluices and old factories. The river corridor supports a rich variety of birds, animals and insects as a special wildlife habitat comprising fast-flowing Areas of water, slow-moving pools, ponds and flooded marshy Areas around its banks.

The Dodder is seen as the organising element of the recreational open space of Dublin's southern boundaries extending from the sea to the Dublin mountains where the Dodder rises.  The river connects numerous sports grounds along its length as well as providing fishing to members of the Dodder Angling Association.

In managing the spaces along the river, the objective is to provide access along the river, while safeguarding and enhancing the natural characteristics of the river for recreation and conservation.


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