Biodiversity in Dublin City

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Biodiversity is the variety of all natural life and the interactions between organisms and ecosystems.  It includes all aspects of nature and how they are interdependent. Biodiversity is about timing and evolution.  Over thousands of years, components of an ecosystem have evolved carefully to support each other; leaves on a particular tree open at the exact time that insects emerge from ponds to feed off the leaves and this is the exact time that bats give birth and need those insects for food. This is biodiversity.  A small change in this link can destroy an entire ecosystem.

Biodiversity provides us with essential services like food, medicine, clean water and air and a means of combating the negative effects of climate change and flooding.  In a city, biodiversity provides us with a breath of fresh air and a natural environment in which to relax; it is vital for our well-being.

Podcast Tour of Dublin

Click here to link to the Podcast Tour of Dublin (available on The podcasts are an easy way to find out more about biodiversity while you are out in our parks;

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Find out more about biodiversity in Dublin

Plants, Trees, Wildlife- Schools: Teacher/ Class Material

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Biodiversity Resource Poster for Dublin City Schools

Image of biodiversity resource poster front cover

This poster was produced by Dublin City Council to be used by teachers in the classroom.

It provides a comprehensive list of websites and sources of information relevant to teaching primary school students about biodiversity. 

There are descriptions and pictures of some of the key animal species found in the city as well as tips on how to conserve biodiversity in a school grounds or garden.




Biodiversity Images

ECO-UNESCO Green Trails of Dublin

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