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Landscape Sustainability

A photo of a wind farm

More sustainable maintenance regimes are being implemented in parks and open spaces. Wildflower meadows, such as the one in Cherry Orchard, can reduce the need for intensive grass cutting in the summer months. The Parks Division is working with the Drainage Division and the Biodiversity Officer to create constructed wetlands which can biologically filter water run-off from roads.

Father Collins Park will incorporate many sustainable initiatives – the five wind turbines will generate energy to power the park, there are three constructed wetlands which will filter and cleanse the water within the park and the use of more sustainable forms transport such as bicycle and public transport is supported with good links to transport and cycle network. When it opens in 2009, Father Collins Parks aims to be the first self-sustaining urban public space in Ireland.


 An image of Tolka Wetland

 A photo of a Wildflower Meadow

 An image of Father Collins Park

Tolka Wetland

Wildflower Meadow

Father Collins Park


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