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Researcher working in the Reading RoomWelcome to the Dublin City Library & Archive Reading Room. Please take a few minutes to read the Terms of Membership that have been designed to ensure that all readers will obtain the maximum benefit from their visit. The Terms of Membership (below) complement Dublin City Council's Customer Care Charter and Code of Conduct both of which are displayed in the Reading Room. Dublin City Public Libraries' Regulations are also available on request.

Research Card

A Research Card for the Reading Room can be obtained by filling out an application form, available at the Reading Room Issue Desk. The Research Card gives access to all catalogued holdings at Dublin City Library & Archive. Research membership is available to all members of the public free of charge. Assistive technology is available in the Reading Room to allow full access to collections. This Research Card is valid for a period of one year from date of registration. It should be produced for inspection on each visit to the Reading Room. One of the following formal photographic ID options should be presented to obtain the Research Card: Passport; Driving Licence; Student Card; Social Welfare Identity Card; Work ID; National ID Cards (where applicable). A valid Dublin City Public Libraries’ Borrower’s card is also acceptable as ID to obtain the Research Card.

Second-level students are also welcome to apply for a Research Card. If they do not hold any of the ID options outlined above, they are requested to produce a letter with original signature from parent or guardian or school-teacher on their first visit to the Reading Room, to obtain the Research Card.

[A number of study spaces have been set aside in the Research Reading Room for students and visitors who wish to read or study, but who do not need to use library or archive materials. These spaces are allocated on a 'first come, first served' basis.] Students aged 16 years or over are welcome to apply for a Study Card.

Please note that specialist consultation with either the Dublin City Archivist is available by appointment.

Second-Level Students

The Dublin and Irish Local Studies Collection offers a research facility to Second Level History and Geography students preparing for the Leaving Certificate.

At a central location on Pearse Street, the Research Reading Room is open to students who wish to use the resources of the library. These include an unparalleled collection of material on Irish history, with particular emphasis on the Dublin area.

Terms of Membership

  1. The Reading Room is open to all readers holding a current Research Card, issued by Dublin City Public Libraries and available on application to all parties who wish to consult the Dublin City Library & Archive collections.
  2. Library and archive materials may not be borrowed and may not be removed from the Reading Room by readers. Readers may access collections by completing a request form, which is available from the Reading Room Issue Desk. Items requested will be brought to your designated table.
  3. Readers should note that a last call for materials system is in place for retrieval of some holdings. To avoid disappointment early requests for retrieval of items are advised. Advance requests may be made, details from Reading Room Issue Desk.
  4. Readers are required to take responsibility for items issued to them, to safeguard them while in use, and to return them to the Reading Room Issue Desk when they have finished consulting them.
  5. As library and archive materials are fragile and often irreplaceable, readers are requested not to write on them, not to lean on them, and not to place any object on top of them.
  6. Readers are requested to take notes only in pencil, or by using a laptop computer. Pencils are available at the Reading Room Issue Desk if required, and a power source for computers is available at each table, where you will also find a switch to turn on the lamp at your table.
  7. To avoid disturbing other readers, conversations should be kept to a minimum, and mobile phones and pagers should be silenced.
  8. Requests to have library & archive materials photocopied must be submitted in writing on a photocopy order form, which is available at the Reading Room Issue Desk. This is in accordance with copyright legislation. However, the right to refuse to photocopy items is reserved if this is likely to cause damage to books and archives. Permission to reproduce or publish copyright materials must be sought and obtained by the reader in writing from the relevant copyright holder. For copyright reasons, readers may not use their own cameras, scanners or other personal copying equipment in the Reading Room.
  9. Please note that smoke detectors are in operation throughout the building. Food and drink are not permitted in the Reading Room.
  10. Dublin City Public Libraries reserves the right to amend, alter or add to the above Terms of Membership at any time. Notification of such amendment, alteration or addition will be placed in the Reading Room and will be considered binding on all readers.

Opening Hours

The Reading Room is open from 10am to 8pm Monday to Thursday and from 10am to 5pm on Friday and Saturday. We do not close for lunch.

Dublin City Library and Archive is closed on the Saturdays and Mondays of Bank Holiday Weekends.

This location is wheelchair accessible and has an Induction loop system.Library Access: This location is wheelchair accessible, and an Induction loop system for use with hearing aids is available.

Quiet Rooms

Dublin City Library & Archive does not provide quiet or prayer room facilities for meditation, prayer, or worship.


The Reading Room is located on the first floor, Dublin City Library and Archive, 138-144 Pearse Street, Dublin 2.

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Dublin City Library and Archive
138 - 144 Pearse Street
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