Using Your Library

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Happy children in the libraryHow to Join the Library

You are never too young to join!!

And membership of the library is free!!

If you are under 18 you need your parent or guardian to sign the application form.

You can borrow 12 items from the children's library and with your parent's or guardian's permission, you can apply for a ticket for the Young Adult or Adult sections of the library.

In your library you will find a world of adventure, fantasy, humour - even horror. The latest bestsellers and well-loved classics. The shelves are full of friends like Harry and Hagrid, Tracey Beaker, Alex Rider, the Unfortunate Baudelaire children or Winnie the Pooh and Tigger.

We have information books to help with homework and school projects and computer facilities are also available in all branches - check out our recommended websites.

Whether your passion is skateboarding or snowboarding, ballet or basketball we can help you find out more.

Don't forget - you can also borrow eBooks, eAudiobooks, and DVDs