Roadworks Control Unit

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The Roadworks Control Unit is responsible for the control and management of roadworks in the City with a view to minimising their impact on traffic flow and maintaining public safety.

Every road in the City has been assigned a Traffic Impact Number from 1 to 5, according to its importance as a strategic traffic route.  Impact 1 and 2 include lightly trafficked routes while numbers 3, 4 and 5 are the heavily trafficked routes.

All roadworks in the Dublin City area are regulated by the Roadworks Control Unit by

  • The issue of Directions/Permits/Consents in relation to all proposed roadworks
  • Putting conditions on all Directions/Permits/Consents
  • Carrying out inspections and issuing Violation Notices if required

Notification must be submitted to the Roadworks Control Unit in relation to all proposed roadworks in the Dublin City Council area.

In addition to a Roadworks Control Licence, anyone requiring to excavate the public road (carriageway / footway and / or associated grass verge, must also apply for a Road Opening Licence from Road Maintenance Services.)

All notification and other requirements regarding the control and management of roadworks in Dublin City are set out in the Roadworks Control Directive.

All applications are made using the Roadworks Control Online Extranet System and are submitted by the relevant utility (e.g. E.S.B., Gas Networks Ireland) or main contractor and not by sub contractors or individuals.

A team of Roadworks Control Inspectors is constantly engaged in the inspection of roadworks, to enforce general directions such as

  • Roadworks identification signs
  • Signposting, barrier control and illumination
  • Conduct of roadworks so as to minimise traffic disruption and danger to pedestrians and traffic

Get roadworks information or make a complaint

If you have a problem with roadworks being carried out in your area you can contact the Roadworks Control Unit to request information or to make a complaint.

For more information

Roadworks Control Unit,

Environment & Transportation Department,
Block 2,
Floor 6,
Civic Offices,
Wood Quay,
Dublin 8

Telephone: (01) 222 2246