Finglas Village Improvement Scheme

The Finglas Village Improvement Scheme is part of the Dublin City Council (DCC) Active Travel Network and will be co-funded by the National Transport Authority (NTA) and Dublin City Council (DCC). The Scheme aims to improve pedestrian, cycling and public transport facilities for Finglas Village through the provision of new cycle tracks, improved intermodal transfer facilities within the village and enhanced links to the future Finglas Luas stop.

The scheme proposes to significantly enhance the public realm environment with high quality materials to revitalise the area for those who live, work and visit the village. Key to its vision is the advancement of a people‐centred design approach following best practice in universal design to create an accessible and inclusive street environment for all. It will incorporate placemaking strategies to encourage social interaction and a vibrant street life. The Scheme will have regard to the Dublin City Climate Action Plan to promote sustainability and minimise environmental impacts during construction and use. It will incorporate greening strategies to ensure biodiversity and create habitats for native flora and fauna.

Finglas Skeleton Map
Artist's illustration of the proposed Finglas Village Improvement Scheme


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Q1 2024

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Q2 2024

Planning & Design

Q1 2025

Scheme Construction
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