4.13.3 Development Contribution Scheme

The Planning and Development Act provides for the payment of contributions for public infrastructure and facilities as a condition when granting planning permissions. They are commonly known as levies and financially assist Parks Services in the provision and upgrading of parks resources throughout the city.

The distribution of open space in the city is not uniform and where new development is proposed in an area already well served by open space, or where proposed open space under a development is too small or inappropriate there is an additional option under the Development Plan of a financial contribution in lieu of all or part of the open space required. This will be applied on a case by case basis. The key areas in which such contributions will be used are:

  • The upgrading of current open space, in particular Community Grade 2 parks, which may lack balance between facilities provided or need an uplift in their overall quality.
  • The provision of particular facilities (e.g. playgrounds) where there is an identified lack of access to such facilities in an area in accordance with this strategy.
  • The provision of new open space and greening within the city and in particular for areas identified with a lower provision of parks.