It's a dog's life, using eResources to train your pet.

dogWith the current restrictions many of us are spending more time at home with our pets for company. Some lucky dogs may be getting more walks than ever before but many, just like their human companions, are spending more time indoors.

Spring into Storytime with Clarence’s Big Secret

coverFor this Spring into Storytime session we have chosen Clarence’s Big Secret written by Roy MacGregor and Christine MacGregor Cation and illustrated by Mathilde Cinq-Mars. As a young boy, Clarence didn’t go to school. Instead, he took over working in the farm after his father had an accident. He never learned to read until he was 100 years old. This book tells Clarence’s amazing true story. Celebrate Spring into Storytime with Dublin City Libraries.

Boost your mental resilience with our online books and magazines!

bookcoverAs our nation confronts the pressures and uncertainties of the new normal, few of us have been left untouched by the negative impact on our mental wellbeing. Meet this head on by building up your resilience. Check out our amazing online self-help toolkit of mental wellness audiobooks, books and magazines. Listen to and read the experts advice on the best ways of coping with your fears and worries and the top tips for achieving rest and relaxation. All FREE and all available with your Dublin City Libraries card.

Spring into Storytime with Not ‘Til Tomorrow, Phoebe

coverFor this Spring into Storytime session we have chosen Not ‘Til Tomorrow, Phoebe written by Julie Zwillich and illustrated by Denise Holmes. Enjoy this fun story. Celebrate Spring into Storytime with Dublin City Libraries. Phoebe hates the word ‘tomorrow’.  That’s when everything good is promised to happen.  Why can’t everything good happen today?  Then Phoebe’s grandmother teaches her the secret of how to make tomorrow become today.

Dublin: One City One Book 2018 - the podcast

DCL PodcastWe are relaunching Dublin City Libraries and Archive podcast with a new season looking back at Dublin: One City, One Book 2018, when we celebrated The Long Gaze Back, and the female voice in Irish literature. This anthology of 30 short stories edited by Sinead Gleeson is an exhilarating anthology of thirty short stories by some of the most gifted women writers this island has ever produced.

Free home study online resources

picAre you, like so many people nowadays, staying at home safe with your children? Would you appreciate access to FREE, reliable, up-to-date and trustworthy online resources to help with home study? Then look no further. Dublin City Libraries has a comprehensive and authoritative collection of online encyclopaedias, dictionaries and other reference tools to help children and young people to study and to learn, whatever age or level they’re at.

Spring into Storytime with What Matters by Alison Hughes

coverFor this 'Spring into Storytime' session we have chosen What Matters, written by Alison Hughes and illustrated by Holly Hatam. This is a story about a boy who picks up one piece of litter. The story shows how this one good deed makes such a big difference. Celebrate 'Spring into Storytime' with Dublin City Libraries.

She died of a fever, and no one could save her

picThe story of Molly Malone, the famous Dublin fishmonger, is immortalised in the song of the city. Her statue, in Andrews Street, is one of the most visited by tourists to Dublin.

Fun Activities for Kids

coverWith the whole world feeling the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic it is really heartening to see the response of those involved in the world of children's books. Many award-winning authors and picture-book makers are using their talents to bring a little bit of fun into the lives of their many fans and there are some lovely gestures, challenges and competitions from authors, illustrators and publishers alike.

Recommended on BorrowBox - The Essex Serpent

cover'The Essex Serpent' brings the reader gently but inexorably into a fervent narrative. What is the Essex Serpent? Is it real? A scientific wonder from an earlier age, or is it a legend? A buried secret churning upwards? In this world, women and men do not meet in any clichéd way, but find shared purpose in the mystery surrounding the sightings.