EU TURAS Project

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11 cities are part of the EU project called TURAS which is an acronym for ‘Transitioning towards Urban Resilience’. In Dublin the collaboration is between Dublin City Council, University College Dublin and small to medium enterprise (SMEs).

There are two areas of our work in Dublin. The first is recording the challenges that social entrepreneurs and grass roots groups in the city face. The novel aspect of this is that there is a researcher from UCD in the role of a participant observer, embedded within Dublin City Council.

The second is TURAS will develop a pilot crowd sourced mapping application for vacant and underutilised sites and buildings along the Red LUAS line corridor between O’Connell Street and Heuston Station. TURAS will collaborate with the USEAct project on this.

The crucial part of TURAS is that the research, experience and knowledge goes back into the communities of the city so that the learning does not end up a large tome that stays on someone’s shelf or as a door-stop.


Myles Farrell

Planning Department

Dublin City Council