Bring Centres in Dublin City Council

There are currently three large Recycling Centres in Dublin City Council administrative area. There are a further seven Bring Centres which operate at a community level.

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On Monday 20th November, Dublin City Council will replace the existing pay stations at North Strand and Ringsend Recycling Centres.

The new pay stations will predominantly be card/contactless systems, however smaller fees such as those charged for disposal of green waste and domestic waste, and smaller vehicular charges (€15, €20) can be paid by coin (€1 and €2 coins only). These new pay stations will not accept notes.

The new pay stations will accept card/contactless payments up to €70.

A second pay station will be installed at both sites in the coming weeks, following completion of necessary civil engineering works.

Dublin City Council apologises for any inconvenience and/or delays in service while this transition takes place.

Please contact [email protected] for further information.

Recycling Centres and Bring Centres accept a more extensive range of materials than Bottle Banks and Bring Banks. They are generally located within purpose-built sites, are manned by permanent staff provided by the local authority or a private contractor and have restricted opening hours. Please note, Dublin City Council recycling facilities are solely for the disposal of household waste items. Commercial waste of any type will not be accepted as per Dublin City Council Waste Bye-Laws 2018.

Ringsend, North Strand & Ballymun Recycling Centres

The charge for using these facilities is based on the type of the materials you are depositing and the size of your vehicle. Fees are charged according to the costs displayed on site by Dublin City Council.

There is no charge for vehicles carrying the following materials only:

  • Packaging material such as paper, glass, cardboard, cans, plastic bottles, etc.
  • All electronic and electrical equipment

A wide range of other materials is also accepted at both these sites for recycling, including bulky household waste, DIY rubble, household priority waste (e.g. paints, aerosols, pesticides) and WEEE.

Please note that carpets, curtains etc are classified as bulky items and are subject to recycling charges.

If you are disposing of bulky household waste at either recycling centre, keep in mind that you will be charged per vehicle - so it's a good idea to maximise your vehicle load.

Green waste (leaves, weeds etc) is accepted at both sites. For information on the charges for this service, please click here

When using these centres you are required to separate food waste from general waste. A food waste disposal service is provided at both sites.

Commercial or trade waste will not be accepted under any circumstances at either facility. For this reason, vans may be turned away.

Both North Strand & Ringsend Recycling Centres are managed and operated on behalf of Dublin City Council by Greenstar. Charges contribute towards the cost of recycling and recovering the wide variety of materials accepted at the facilities.

To find out more about opening hours, accepted materials and charges etc please click on the links below:

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