Flood Protection

Flooding can happen quickly and often when you least expect it. It can be a devastating and traumatic experience. The downloadable documents below provide valuable information on how you, your family and your community can be better prepared in the event of flooding.

Flooded kitchen water level past the kickboards

Flood Protection

The ‘Property Flood Protection Guide,’ ‘Indicative Price List’ and ‘List of Suppliers’ documents below give guidance on the various types of flood protection devices available on the market, and also list possible suppliers and indicative costs.

Household Planning

If you know you are at risk of flooding, prepare now before it happens. The ‘Household Flood Plan’ document is a guide for you, the householder, to develop your own flood plan so that you and your family are more informed and better prepared.

Dublin City Council Sandbag Policy

Dublin City Council does not provide or distribute sandbags to individual properties or premises. Please read the ‘Dublin City Council Sandbag Policy’ below for more information (also available as gaeilge).

Dublin City Council Basement Flooding

The ‘Basement Flooding Leaflet’ document is the Dublin City Council leaflet that explains how and why basements can flood. The Greater Dublin Strategic Drainage Study (GDSDS) Policy Technical Document for Basements is also available to download below.

Community Flood Plan

Solely relying on local authorities and emergency services during flood conditions is not always advisable – they may be over-stretched or unable to reach you. By acting together as a community you can greatly influence the impact of a flood on your entire street, estate or community. No two communities are the same – the ‘Community Flood Plan’ document below is a guide to developing a community flood plan that you can make specific to your community needs.

Basement Flooding Leaflet
Dublin City Council Sandbag Policy
Community Flood Plan
Household Flood Plan
GDSDS Policy Technical Document for Basements
Indicative Price List
List of Suppliers
Property Flood Protection Guide
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