16.21 Dublin Port

Dublin Port

(See also and Appendix 12)

It is the Policy of Dublin City Council:

‘To recognise that Dublin Port is a key economic resource, including for Cruise Tourism, and to have regard to the policies and objectives of the Dublin Port Masterplan.’ (CEE 23 (iii))

In assessing proposals for the Dublin Port area, Dublin City Council will have regard to the following:

  • Recognition of the important role of Dublin Port in the economic life of the city and the region and the consequent need in economic and employment terms to facilitate port development ­
  • The periphery of the port area facing residential areas shall be designed and landscaped to minimise the impact of its industrial character
  • The impact on nature conservation, recreation and amenity use, and other environmental considerations, including having regard to the designation of Dublin Bay as a UNESCO biosphere and other environmental designations such as Special Area of Conservation (SAC) and Special Protection Area (SPA)
  • The protection of the amenities of residential and commercial uses in adjoining areas ­
  • Design criteria including landscaping, finishes, signage and site layout ­
  • Facilitating plans to make Dublin a ‘home port’ for cruise tourism, with complementary cruise tourism facilities in the port and wider city/region.