16.32 Night Clubs/Licensed Premises/ Casinos/Private Members’ Clubs

In recognition of the importance of Dublin as a thriving and multi-dimensional capital city, there is a need to facilitate the concept of the 24-hour city, particularly in the city centre and other key district centres.

Dublin City Council will encourage entertainment/cultural/music uses which help create an exciting city for residents and tourists alike, and which are capable of attracting people in cutting edge industries such as digital media.

There is a need to strike an appropriate balance between the role of these entertainment uses in the economy of the city and the following: ­

  • To maintain high-quality retail functions on the primary city centre streets and ensure a balanced mix of uses ­
  • To protect the amenities of residents from an over-concentration of late night venues.

Noise emanating from and at the boundaries of these establishments are issues which will need to be addressed in planning applications for such establishments. Noise insulation and reduction measures, especially relating to any mechanical ventilation or air-conditioning, will be required to be submitted with any such planning application.

The development of ‘superpubs’ will be discouraged and the concentration of pubs will be restricted in certain areas of the city where there is a danger of overconcentration of these to the detriment of other uses.

In cases where new uses, including uses such as casinos and private members’ clubs, extensions to the existing use or variation in opening hours of a public house are proposed, the onus is on the applicant to demonstrate that such proposed development will not be detrimental to the residential, environmental quality or the established character and function of the area.

Matters that shall be taken into account by the planning authority in assessing planning proposals for these uses and extensions to such uses include, but are not limited to the following: ­

  • The amenity of neighbouring residents and occupiers ­
  • Hours of operation ­
  • Traffic management ­
  • Shop frontage treatment and impact on streetscape ­
  • Proposed signage.