Vacant Sites

Vacant development sites are both a challenge and an opportunity for the city to provide for additional housing, employment and other space. Active land management including the implementation of the vacant land levy are key planning policies to implement the vision and core strategy of the plan.

The Urban Regeneration and Housing Act 2015 provides for a levy on vacant sites and this is a key measure in implementing the core strategy by encouraging the development of such vacant development sites.

The Act sets out two classes of land:

  • Regeneration land, under Section 10(2)(h) of the Planning Act 2000 as amended.
  • Residential land, under Section 10 (2)(a) of the Planning Act 2000 as amended. In accordance with the Urban Regeneration and Housing Act 2015, it is a key pillar of the development plan to promote the development and renewal of areas, identified having regard to the core strategy, that are in need of regeneration, in order to prevent:

(i) adverse effects on existing amenities in such areas, in particular as a result of the ruinous or neglected condition of any land,

(ii) urban blight and decay

(iii) anti-social behaviour or

(iv) a shortage of habitable houses or of land suitable for residential use or a mixture of residential and other uses