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"Dublin City Libraries are trusted places that nurture curiosity so that opportunity, ambition and imagination flourish."


Dublin City Council’s mission is to "provide quality services for its citizens and visitors and act to protect and promote Dublin’s distinct identity in a way that acknowledges our past and secures our future."

Guiding principles – Our ambition

The core principles that will guide the continued growth and development of Dublin City Public Libraries emanate from an organisational culture with a strong social inclusion and customer service ethos.

A Space for life-long learning

A cornerstone of our ambition is the provision of welcoming spaces where people are free to access materials and seek guidance on anything that allows a spirit of discovery and life-long learning to flourish at all stages of life.

The joy of reading

We recognise the inherent value of reading and literacy in expanding life chances, and we also encourage everyone to enjoy reading to relax and discover different worlds.

Libraries are free

We believe that free public libraries are at the heart of local authority services responding to changing Dublin City communities. We provide free access to knowledge and information to enable personal and community empowerment and build a more informed society.

Equality and diversity

We create content and knowledge from our diverse collections and support library users in creating their own content. We enable people and communities to tell stories that reflect values of respect and inclusion and give voice to the diversity of culture and experience in our city. We particularly reach out to those who may not see libraries and culture as something for them.

Changing needs and expectations

We are committed to meeting our users’ expectations for sophisticated and social access to digital material. We continue to anticipate and respond to what our communities can expect from the libraries that serve them.

Creativity and innovation

Our staff team is resilient and resourceful in responding to a rapidly changing environment. We aim to be a learning service that values innovation and creativity and continues to bench-mark against best practice internationally.


Capital Building Programme

Updates on the following: Parnell Square New City Library, Inchicore Library refurbishment and access works, Finglas Library and North-Central Area library development, Marino Library access works, Crumlin/Drimnagh new library site investigation, Terenure Library redevelopment progress report, and Libraries' IT projects.

Development Plan

In recent years, public libraries and local authorities have risen to the challenges of social, digital and economic change. Our public libraries continue to provide a wide range of services that cannot easily be afforded by some citizens on their own and are, in addition, being recognised as important cultural spaces offering open, non-authoritarian and non-commercial public space in the privatised environment of the city. This role as a gateway both to knowledge and inclusion in local communities is unique. In this context we are delighted to present Libraries Unlimited: a Strategic Direction for Dublin City Public Libraries 2019-2023, which sets out a strong vision and clear strategic direction for the sustainable development of Dublin City Council’s public library and archive services over the five year period from 2019 to 2023.

Management Team

The Library Management Team consists of the City Librarian, Mairead Owens, Deputy City Librarian Brendan Teeling, nine divisional librarians and the City Archivist. View the full management team...


Dublin City Libraries has issued policy documents in the area of stock collection, acquisition and development, acceptable usage, and membership. View policy documents...

2018 Service Usage Statistics

Serving a resident population of 554,554 (Census 2016), Dublin City Libraries provides a wide range of services through its branch network and mobile service as well as through a number of agency services.

Number of service points: 49 (21 physical locations plus mobile library stops)
Number of library visits (Actual): 2.6 million
Number of visits per person in Dublin City area: 4.7
Loans: 2.35 million

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