Dublin Fire Rescue and Emergency Ambulance Service

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Dublin Fire Brigade is the largest full time brigade in the country. We provide a fire and emergency response service to 1.2 million people throughout the city and county of Dublin.

Each of our fulltime stations is staffed seven days a week by officers and firefighters. This ensures continuous protection for the lives of you and your family. 

Dennis Keeley Chief Fire Officer Richard Hedderman Assistant Chief Fire Officer Terry Kearney Assistant Chief Fire Officer Michael O'Reilly Assistant Chief Fire Officer

Fire Brigade Charges

From the 16th January 2012 Fire Service Charges were extended to include call-outs and firefighting services provided to domestic premises and road traffic accidents. 

The call out charge for the first hour or part thereof will be €500 in respect of domestic fires, domestic false alarms and domestic chimney fires and €610 for road traffic accidents. 

Additional hours or part thereof per fire tender will be €450 for domestic call outs and €485 for road traffic accidents. 

Most home Insurance Policies cover fire call out charges and, in such cases, householders can recoup the charge under their policies. No charges will apply to local authority owned properties. Occupiers are encouraged to continue to call for Fire Brigade assistance as normal and as early as possible in a fire event.  An appeal system will be in place for cases of hardship. 

In cases of Seveso Sites, applications for licences, renewal of licences, table top exercises and full exercises will be calculated on a cost recovery basis. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is billed in the case of a domestic fire/false alarm/chimney fire?

The owner of the premises will be billed.

Who is billed in the case of a road traffic accident?

The registered owner of the vehicle(s) concerned will be billed.

Is the caller charged?

The caller will not be charged unless they are the owner of the premises or the vehicle.

Who is charged in the cases of rented premises?

The owner of the premises will be billed.

Is there a charge if a fire tender assists with a medical emergency?

There is no charge if a fire tender assists in a medical emergency.

Does my insurance cover these charges?

In the vast majority of cases household and vehicle insurance will cover the charges, people are advised to check their policies and/or check with their insurance company or broker.

What happens if my insurance does not cover the cost?

The owner in the first place will be billed but there is an appeal system in place for cases of hardship.

What happens if a malicious call is made and there is no actual incident?

In cases where the Brigade responds and there is no actual incident, no charge will be levied.

For more information

Dublin Fire Brigade Headquarters
165-169 Townsend Street
Dublin 2

Tel: (01) 222 4000
Email: fire@dublincity.ie