16.33.1 Siting, Design and Visual Amenity

Telecommunications antennae and supporting structures should preferably be located on industrial estates or on lands zoned for industrial/employment uses. Possible locations in commercial areas, such as rooftop locations on tall buildings, may also be acceptable, subject to visual amenity considerations.

In terms of the design of free-standing masts, masts and antennae should be designed for the specific location. In assessing proposals for telecommunication antennae and support structures, factors such as the object in the wider townscape and the position of the object with respect to the skyline will be closely examined. These factors will be carefully considered when assessing proposals in a designated conservation area, openspace amenity area, historic park, or in the vicinity of protected buildings, special views or prospects, monuments or sites of archaeological importance. The location of antennae or support structures within any of these areas or in proximity to protected structures, archaeological sites and other monuments should be avoided.