16.38.1 Dublin Docklands

The parking standards set out in Table 16.1 and 16.2 will also apply to the Docklands SDRA. However, the future development of the area needs to be weighted heavily in favour of the sufficient use and patronage of public transport, with a consequent reduction in the car parking requirements for significant commercial development proposals. The maximum car parking standards set out in Table 16.1 should not, as a general rule, be required for future commercial development in the Docklands area. Residential car parking needs to address the requirement for car storage while not promoting car usage. Although 47% of the population in the SDZ area has no car, there is insufficient capacity on the road network for residential car storage. Therefore, new development within the area should have sufficient offstreet car parking for residents. Innovative solutions to meeting the car parking and car use requirements of residents will be considered.