16.12 Standards – Institutions/Hostels and Social Support Services

Standards – Institutions/Hostels and Social Support Services

(See also Section 12.4, 4th and 7th bullet points)

An over-concentration of institutional hostel accommodation, homeless accommodation and social support institutions can potentially undermine the sustainability of a neighbourhood and so there must be an appropriate balance in the further provision of new developments and/or expansion of such existing uses in electoral wards which already accommodate a disproportionate quantum. Accordingly, there shall be an onus on all applicants to indicate that any proposal for homeless accommodation or support services will not result in an undue concentration of such uses, nor undermine the existing local economy, the resident community, the residential amenity, or the regeneration of the area.

All such applications for such uses shall include the following: ­

  • A map of all homeless and other social support services within a 500 m radius of application site 
  • A statement on catchment area, i.e. whether proposal is to serve local or regional demand ­
  • A statement regarding management of the service/facility.