16.27 Betting Offices

(See also Appendix 3 – Category 1 and 2 Streets)

It is an objective of Dublin City Council to prevent a concentration of betting offices in the city, thereby ensuring the number of units in a city street, district or neighbourhood centre is not disproportionate to the overall number of community facilities and shop units. The provision of betting offices will be controlled having regard to the following, where appropriate: ­

  • The need to safeguard the vitality and viability of shopping areas in the city and to maintain a suitable mix of retail uses ­
  • The number/frequency of such facilities in the area
  • The existing proliferation of similar retail service outlets in the area, such as internet cafés, call centres, take-aways, amusement arcades and car rentals ­
  • The effect on the amenities of the area by reason of noise, hours of operation and litter.