16.14 Community Facilities

Community Facilities

(See also Chapter 12)

Applications for community facilities in residential areas will be treated sympathetically having regard to a number of factors: ­

  • Overall need in terms of necessity, deficiency, and opportunities to share/ enhance existing facilities ­
  • Where new facilities are provided they should be designed in such a way as to allow for multi-functional use ­
  • Community facilities must be located so that they are conveniently accessible by both residents and others who may have reason to use the facility. They should be well integrated with pedestrian and cycle routes and, where they serve a wider community, located on or close to a quality public transport route ­
  • Re-development proposals on sites containing a pre-existing community use should ensure that this use in terms of floor space is no less than that on-site prior to redevelopment, and if possible should represent increased provision in this regard
  • Community facilities must be accessible to all members of society including those with disabilities.