16.25 Takeaways

(See also Appendix 3 – Category 1 and 2 Streets)

In order to maintain an appropriate mix of uses and protect night-time amenities in a particular area and to promote a healthier and more active lifestyle, it is the objective of Dublin City Council to prevent an excessive concentration of take-aways and to ensure that the intensity of any proposed take-away is in keeping with both the scale of the building and the pattern of development in the area.

The provision of such facilities will be strictly controlled, having regard to the following, where appropriate: ­

  • The effect of noise, general disturbance, hours of operation, litter and fumes on the amenities of nearby residents ­
  • The need to safeguard the vitality and viability of shopping areas in the city and to maintain a suitable mix of retail uses ­
  • Traffic considerations ­
  • The number/frequency of such facilities in the area, particularly in close proximity to schools ­
  • That the operators come to a satisfactory arrangement with Dublin City Council in relation to litter control ­
  • The need to integrate the design of ventilation systems into the design of the building ­
  • That appropriate cleansing/anti-litter measurements be agreed with Dublin City Council prior to the granting of planning permission ­
  • That all take-aways provide and maintain a suitable waste bin outside their premises during hours of business
  • The number and frequency of such facilities within a 1 km radius of the proposed development ­
  • The context and character of the street where the aim is to maintain and improve the vitality of the shopping experience by encouraging a range of convenience and/or comparison retail shops.