Clontarf Promenade

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Image of people on Clontarf Promenade

Address: Clontarf, Dublin 3.
Phone: 01-8336262
Area: North Central
Category: Commemorative Park
Enquiries: (01)222 5278


  • Athletics
  • Floral Schemes
  • Leisure Walks
  • River Pool Sea
  • Shelter

Stretching for about 3 kilometres from Fairview Park to the Bull Wall at Dollymount, the Promenade is 40 metres wide and is about 26.5 hectares in extent.  Reclaimed from the sea in the 1920s and finally completed and landscaped in the late 1950s, this much admired amenity is a popular location for a bracing seaside walk with every possibility in the winter or spring of encountering flocks of grazing Brent geese.  At the Clontarf end of the Promenade, near the Dart line is the Children's Traffic School, constructed in 1971 and adjoining it is a well used floodlit all-weather facility for athletics and football.  The prominent "Sails" sculpture was added in 1988; the dedicated cycle track in 1997; the memorial seat to Alfie Byrne, former Lord Mayor of Dublin, in 1999; and the 'Maoi' Sculpture near Vernon Avenue in 2004.




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Enquiries: (01) 222 5278