Peace Park

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Image of water feature in Peace Park

Address: Christchurch Place
Phone: 01-6684364
Area: Southeast
Category: Commemorative Park
Enquiries: (01)222 5278


  • Historical
  • Pond

Located in Nicholas Street across from Christchurch Cathedral, this small park was dedicated to the yearning for Peace in Ireland and was officially opened in 1988.  Designed as a sunken garden to reduce traffic noise at this busy junction, the main features include a bronze "Tree of Life", a pool/fountain and fine natural stonework of Calp and Liscannor.

Heathers provide ground cover to a backing of formal planting of hornbeams.  The peace theme is reflected in both the beds of Peace Roses and appropriate biblical and poetic quotations from Yeats and Kavanagh.

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Enquiries: (01) 222 5278